What is Smart Book ?

Smart Book is a technology that is bringing a very different approach to education.

Today’s students are much more clued up about technology than their parents and use it on a constant basis. We can even call them as ‘digital generation’. Everything from Facebook and Twitter through to computer games, mobile phone apps, the iPad etc. forms a large part of a teenager’s lifestyle and teachers are aware of this use and reliance upon technology. So, it makes sense to use this as part of learning.

Smart Book is blended learning in which several learning approaches are combined together. This means a mix of computer aided learning such as augmented reality systems with traditional forms of learning. This hybrid approach is designed to meet the needs of all students, irrespective of their learning style.

Why Smart Book is Necessary ?

When it comes to education, just about everyone can agree on at least one thing; we should, whenever possible, utilize the most advanced options in order to teach children in the most effective and efficient ways.

How much more are we allowing our children to learn? The old phrase, “seeing is believing,” has a great deal of truth attached. What if we could give our children more tools by the way of technology? Instead of asking kids to use their mind’s eye to visual complex geometry, chemistry and other topics with only the possible benefit of 2D textbook diagrams, we can instead provide them with 3D examples.

We see, as humans, in 3D. We are constantly utilizing the information around us to move within a 3D world. With pictures and diagrams, we have found ways to draw things in such ways that they represent 3D, but our brain actually works harder to make this connection. When a portion of our mind is so focused on trying to create the 3D object out of a 2D image, how can we be expected to use all of our brainpower to solve whatever geometric problem before us ?

However, if we are able to provide children with a 3D object, augmented into their real space, popping off their desks, we then allow them to focus solely on the problem at hand, as another portion of their brainpower is not being directed elsewhere.

How Smart Book Works ?

Smart Book is an application, which is compatible with all kinds of smart devices with various operating systems. Any printed book can be converted to Smart Book by integrating related text or interactive elements, including content taken from online sources, processed images, and videos on to the related sections.

Students simply place their smart device (mobile phone and / or tablet) on the page of the book and enjoy the new style of learning by 3D and audio content.

Better Understanding

Helping students in understanding complex subjects / theories / concepts.

Excited and More Atracted Students

Making students excited about learning and capturing their attention. They will be excited by new ideas and think critically about the world around them.

Interactive Lessons

Students are able to access models on their own devices via Smart Book app. By viewing augmented models, the students can gain a better understanding of the concepts they are studying. This is a fun way to engage students and reinforce concepts they’ve seen during class lectures.

Safer Classes / Labs

Especially classes like chemistry that needs practice in laboratory to undertsand better, it is safer with Smart Book. Students will have the opportunity to experiment more, even in a virtual setting, so their memories will be stronger and they will learn better in safer environments.

Higher Retention

With a simple a scan, students can access augmented models representing anything from a part of the human anatomy to a famous monument to a molecule. Also, students can access websites directly from the Smart Book app. This experience creates a complete learning cycle. Students will retain more knowledge for a longer period.

Foster Intellectual Curiosity

Introducing Smart Book to students will enable them to discover unknown passions and inspire their future endeavors.

Portable and Less Expensive Learning Materials

Prototypes, physical models, and detailed illustrations and posters are all extremely expensive. More often than not, schools do not have enough money to buy all the supplementary learning materials they would like. Further, these learning materials get worn down, lose their relevance, and get misplaced over time. With Smart Book, you do not have to invest in physical materials. Students can access models from any device at any time. Whether they are at home or in the classroom, students can study and interact with the course materials.


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